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September 20, 2013
Rain Tunnel Express teams up with Granite City High School cheerleaders to hold a new kind of environmentally-friendly car wash fundraiser.

Rain Tunnel Express Car Wash presented the Granite City High School cheerleaders with two checks this summer, totaling $1,450. On June 29, the GCHS cheerleaders held a fundraiser at the Rain Tunnel Express location in Granite City, Illinois. That event was so successful, the cheerleaders held another one on July 27 at another Rain Tunnel location in Pontoon Beach, Illinois. At both events, the cheerleaders also raised money by setting up tables to sell donated baked goods and by vacuuming customer’s cars.

The GCHS cheerleaders accomplished much more than just a couple of successful fundraisers, they also did a big favor to the local environment. Traditional car wash fundraisers generally waste a lot of clean water. And because they’re usually held on parking lots, the waste water that is contaminated with pollutants just runs down a storm drain, which dumps directly into our local streams and rivers.

Each car washed during a traditional fundraiser uses in excess of 120 gallons of water. Rain Tunnel Express uses less than 30 gallons per wash, then that dirty water is reclaimed and sent to a water treatment facility. No water is wasted and no polluted water is deposited into our local ecosystem.

During both GCHS fundraising events, a total of 628 cars were washed. By using Rain Tunnel Express, the cheerleaders saved approximately 56,520 gallons of potable water. On average, that wasted water would’ve been polluted with nearly two gallons of petroleum, four pounds of phosphorous and nitrogen, more than a half-pound of ammonia, 22 pounds of surfactants and 303 pounds of solid wastes.

A study conducted by the Surface Water Management Division of Federal Way, Washington has determined that residential car washing wastes water and deposits pollutants at these rates.

Because of Rain Tunnel’s methods, a lot more vehicles were washed than would’ve been possible with traditional car wash fundraisers, the wash is actually better for a car’s finish than hand washing, and no cheerleaders had to wear swimming suits or get wet. Because of that, a Rain Tunnel Express car wash fundraiser can be held virtually any time of the year. This intelligent alternative to traditional car wash fundraisers was good for the GCHS cheerleaders, good for the cars they washed, and good for the planet we all share.

Established in 1995, Rain Tunnel Express offers high-quality car wash services at six locations throughout the St. Louis Metro Bi-State area. Our advanced automated car-wash technology is constantly updated to provide the safest, gentlest, most effective and environmentally-friendly system for protecting our customer’s investments, as well as the local ecosystem.

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